HOME TOUR: Mexico City Pad of Super Artist & It Girl Scarlett Baily

HOME TOUR: Mexico City Pad of Super Artist & It Girl Scarlett Baily

Scarlett Baily’s smile literally jumps out of her face, she just radiates positivity and creativity 24/7.  A San Diego native with Mexican heritage, she relocated to Mexico City from Manhattan three years ago, and her buzzing energy along with her fantastical and unique artistic talent have taken the country by storm. Scarlett is a caricature artist and illustrator, who works with many high profile brands, from fashion to more mainstream clients worldwide.  She always has the coolest projects, that promote her growth organically, many working with the public while creating art- spreading her joy all over the place.

She works all over Mexico, just recently she was in Saladita for the Mexi Log fest (perfect bc she also surfs!), her series of female nudes are papered on walls all over Zihuatenejo, and her work inhabits the walls of Hotel Ganzo in Los Cabos.

She sketches live during events, and is the art director on various projects (Apple Music is a client of hers!!) but personal portraits remain her favorite.  I can see why, because one of my most prized possessions is a portrait Scarlett sketched of my man and me, it exemplifies us as a couple and highlights us in our home in the perfect way.

Not to mention she designed the Güera logo, capturing exactly what I wanted: permanently blooming peonies and chic text, all flexible and fun and…  I am just so obsessed!!

She also has a knack for very organic PR, with a super fun vibe to her social media and being involved in unique, press-worthy events -she throws Drink & Draw events every month or so here in Mexico City. They are so fun!!  Sipping mezcal (Mezcal Union) and sketching nude still lives inspires others to create like she does, and let loose!

And so you may be wondering what the home is like of this talented lovely human being??!  Well, I am so thrilled to have interviewed my dear friend Scarlett and photographed her sweet abode. Her studio/home in the Tabacalera neighborhood of Mexico City- near the Monument of Revolution is vibrant and eclectic, just like her!  Although she claims not to have a decor scheme, the palate of white accented by primarily bright Mexican pink, with concrete, wood and other natural elements speaks volumes in her rad taste and perfectly packages her treasure trove of Mexican artisan relics, her work and her ridiculously fab wardrobe.

I hope you can even catch a taste of this electric human being from this post.  Writing it makes me smile so much!!

Words of the fab SGB!

Güera: How did you end up living here in Mexico City?

SGB: In the spring of 2014 while living in NYC, I was invited by the Archipelago crew in Mexico City to do an artist residency in their gallery. Since I had been smitten over Mexico City from my first visit that New Years, coming back for the residency was a dream come true. I wanted to take advantage and put an expo together independently. My friend Dave connected me with one of his homies here and we mounted a crazy expo on his roof in La Tabacalera. We hung the posters all over,  threw a DJ in the roof cage, and had a wild time. Three months later, I left New York and showed up with suitcases at the doorstep, taking the spare room in that very house! 

Güera: OMG, I love that you ended up in the same place.  What’s it like living in this neighborhood?

SGB: La Tabacalera is a very special neighborhood. Skinny streets, art deco buildings, neon signs, tortas de tamal, pulquerias… It feels like you are in another moment in time. So different than New York. The sounds of the streets, from the morning to night, are all so intoxicating to me. It feels reminiscent of the stories that my grandparents shared of their childhood in Mexico.

Güera: I know from experience you must have had to pare down a bit before your move- but as an artist?  How did you decide what to bring and what to leave behind?

SGB:  Minimizing my life down to 2 suitcases was at once challenging and liberating. I work in both art and fashion, the two industries of stuff so getting my gear into two suitcases was a giant step for mankind. One suitcase I filled with clothes (that were all wrong for the indecisive climate of Mexico City- talk to me if you need help packing for a visit!). The other suitcase I filled with art supplies, and weird things that I just don’t know why I insist on traveling with. But then I remember about how Leonardo Da Vinci travelled his whole life with The Mona Lisa, and think… maybe I am Da Vinci reincarnate- only kidding… because the things I can’t ditch are not nearly as cool: sketches, magazine clippings, my La Paloma poster from Barcelona, the giant advertisement I pulled from the walls of tube in London in college days, my art history books, pics of the grandparents…

Güera: How do you like having your studio at home?

SGB:  The gossip in New York is that happiness is a short commute. I’m 10 steps away from the office- so I must be living the dream! Since a lot of the work I do is painting live, public art, or styling projects, I really enjoy having this intimate space to develop and execute ideas. My favorite time to work is sunrise, the light is amazing and I feel like I am totally killing it waking up and getting to work before traffic hour. I love my clients a lot and apply a very strict schedule here in the studio. If I don’t start taking my job seriously… I will have to go out and get a serious job- ha!  Not to mention, inspiration strikes when you least expect it too. Sometimes, I will come home from a night out, make some tea, and sit in front of a painting and start tweaking things or put together a new inspiration board until… sunrise again! 

Güera: I love it.  I can see you throwing the balcony window open and hearing the noises of your hood and sketching away!!  What is the inspiration for your studio set up?

SGB:  If we have to put it a title… Pop Wunderkammer / The Battle of Minimal and Kitsch / Bruja in Technicolor… is that a thing? 

My first job in NYC in 2007 was working with a fashion designer in the Meatpacking District, down the street from the Maison Margiela Shop. The entire store floor to ceiling was painted white, and I just thought that was tight. There was something so soothing about that sterility.  The simplicity of white helps balance all the weird props that I accumulate.  I also worked in the dark of the night in my NYC time doing window displays at DKNY, Donna Karan, and Ralph Lauren along with curating many art shows. In terms of spatial organization, I always revert to the mindset of organizing goods in a seductive way for commercial spaces- and I guess having my studio in my home, that kinda works, it’s always ready for an impromptu appointment or a visit. 

Some SGB Work & Client Favs!  Check out Scarlett’s latest on her Insta.

Oil Paintings

Bimba and Lola

Dolce & Gabbana


Poster Kids

Naked Ladies

El Ganzo

All Saints

Apple Music


Danielle- la-Güera



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